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A website should not just catch the eye it's role is to attract and keep the user,as well as communicate him your brand message and raise user awareness about product or service.

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Digital Promotion we mean advertising or promoting businesses or organizations online. It help to position name and logo on a variety of resources, increase brand awareness, create a professional image & more trust.

At RAS we doing it through custom banners, roll ups, signs, brochures, letterheads, videos, infographic and low cost premiums. The customers have power to choose different options as applicable. It helps to reach multiple target markets and track results.

  • Online promotions: We can start online promotional campaign easily, especially within social network sites. The our main advantages of running a promotion partially or entirely online are:
  • Its easy to reach out to millions of people in a short period of time
  • Results are instantly measurable
  • Consumer data can be easily captured, stored and integrated
  • Information administration The information in a business is the keystone of its success. We can help out you to understand the full potential of your information assets, through the inventive deployment of client relationship management, content management and information management systems.

There are a number of additional associated benefits:

  • Generating traffic to a brand’s website participation of users in the promotion.
  • Increased search engine visibility for the brand generally and the potential to improve the rankings of the brand’s overall web-presence.
  • The ability to up or cross-sell consumers as part of the promotional mechanism if desired.


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